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Join us as we revel in an impressive collection of paintings by emerging artist, Sean Jantzi. 

Curated by Paul Erik Becker

Sean Jantzi:
Art Rapture Curation:

Opening Reception: June 1 - 6:00pm to late
Artist Talk: June 2 - 2:00pm
Curator Tour: June 2 - 4:00pm
Art & DJ Set: June 2 - 7:00pm to late
Final showing: June 3 - 10:00am to 4:00pm

Location: The Space - 1063 Hamilton Street

About the Exhibition: "It was a very simple world." is a quote taken directly from Sean Jantzi's favourite literary work, The Garden of Eden by Ernest Hemingway.

In his solo exhibition, Jantzi draws on his feeling that when a moment is taken to appreciate the world around us, life can be reduced to the beautification associated with simplicity. 

Jantzi discusses his show with curator, Becker, "I want to pull the audience into someplace far away from their repetitious daily life, somewhere without worry. I want them to walk through the doors of the gallery and immediately feel like they are somewhere else, lost in a sort of poetic, simple paradise." 

Viewers can expect approximately a dozen works of art displayed meticulously on pristine gallery walls. The aesthetics within Jantzi's body of work demonstrate a blend of cubism, fauvism and neo expressionism all wrapped up in a modern, contemporary blanket of rich brush strokes. 

Sean Jantzi bio: Self-taught painter Sean Jantzi uses carefully arranged geometric forms, clean lines and bold colours to convey a sense of joie de vivre in his work. 

Influenced by classic masters like Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso, as well as established contemporaries including Todd James, Andy Dixon, Jose Roda and Cleon Peterson, Jantzi blends elements of expressionism, fauvism and cubism as a basis for his approach. 

The artist is interested in reducing the subject matter to dominant shapes and colours in adherence to the principle ‘less is more’. Using an almost mathematical approach, the paintings are saturated with crisp edges and balanced geometry in order to achieve a delightfully clean result. The collage-like aesthetic is a result of the artist’s implementation of flat colours which suggest a childlike simplicity, and lends to the whimsical nature of the work. 

Inspired by moments of great pleasure, whether imagined or real, simple or grandiose, idyllic settings serve as backdrops for moments of grand elation. Dealing with themes ranging from acts of artistic creation to romantic gestures, the work often seems to be the product of a delightful reverie where an air of innocence and wonder surrounds everything.