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Donna Giraud Solo Show

“Leave a Little Room for Kindness”

Have you ever done something kind for someone, just because? Can you picture how it puts a pep in your step? Can you see yourself smiling as you walk away saying, “man that was awesome. I should do that more often!”? 

Or maybe you are walking down the street and you witness someone else being kind. Can you see yourself smiling then too? And can you feel that ripple effect? Don’t you just have the urge to pass it on and do something kind too? 

Well, that is what this whole show is about. Each piece is inspired by a little story of kindness I have witnessed or personally experienced and explains the contagious nature that being kind has; On you, on the recipient of the kindness and the world as a whole. In a time where a lot of people are looking down at their phones, let this series of work encourage you to look up and remind you how easy it is to be kind and how incredibly uplifting and life changing kindness can truly be.  

The bright colours, the vastness of each composition and my signature use of rippled textures are my way of conveying on to canvas how kindness feels. 

Each piece hopefully ignites the desire in you to make small contributions of kindness to begin your own ripple effect.   

Later Event: March 9
Donna Giraud Solo Show